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JDP is New Zealand’s creative home of innovative stationery and polyprop solutions.

In today’s busy world, brands need to be sharply defined, have personality and be robust to make an impression. Our crisp, clean print onto flexible materials such as plastic and polyprop allow us to take packaging, DM and stationery solutions to new levels. Long lasting, waterproof and malleable, we can shape, form and print to just about any design - we can help make every first impression count. We work very closely with our business partners to ensure that each solution fits their requirement perfectly.

Our versatility and capacity are designed to meet the most challenging production deadlines. And with over 50 years experience in manufacturing we are able to draw on our tooling resources, print knowledge and technology to quickly turn your brief into a working solution. Our ability to produce small runs to small budgets enables our clients to do more.

And if you think polyprop is less green than paper and board – think again. Our utilisation of recyclable plastic materials and recycling standards is embedded within our processes and many of our products are far cleaner and greener than their traditional paper counterparts.

We have a wide National and Australasian customer base and enjoy high customer retention rates due to a culture of deadline management, quality, and competitive pricing. We would love to be a part of your success story, call us today to discuss how we can help take your business to the next level.


Fantastic customer service from our front desk

High quality digital flat-bed printing is one of our new innovations and very popular with our clients

Careful attention to detail means excellent quality control

Part of the production floor, our greatest strength is our great people!

Welcome to our Papakura factory

High volume production runs or low volume, our manufacturing process can manage all your requirements

Our “tooling wall” is extensive, allowing us to manufacture a huge range of products and deliver a solution for you

Digital printing on roll to roll media

Material preparation room
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